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Enchantment of Mount Kelud on the evening
Currently Mount Kelud has phenomenal with the new vaults of be the lake. To achieve Mount Kelud, visitors can come from the direction of Kediri to distric Wates   - Margomulyo - Bambingan to Jurang Gelap or Mount PEDOT.

Jurang Gelap until the new vaults - Mount Kelud about 2 km and you can walk. Mount Kelud has now transformed, first there is a green crater of, but now after Mount Kelud erupted in 2007, a beautiful crater of disappeared and a new crater of appeared.
Increased activity Mount Kelud , indicate phenomenal activity that has unprecedented. Water temperature in 1990 when it erupted about 400 degrees Celsius,
However in this phenomenon, the water temperature rises to 77.50 Celsius, causing the thermometer is broken, caused by excessive heating. The earthquake also increased, both volcanic and tectonic earthquakes. The earthquake is higher than when it erupted in  year 1990.
The phenomenon peak  Mount Kelud , when it appears vaults of the crater lake, took place on 5 November 2007 with a diameter of 100 meters high and 20 meters from the crater of water. Until now, the Dome of Lava is slowly growing to a height of 250 meters and extends to the southwest side of the crater lake area.
This area is + 160 km(3.5 hoursfrom Juanda Airport Surabayaor + 40 km, (45 minutes) from Kediri City. Mount Kelud is a volcano, 1730 meters above sea level.. Breezes of fresh air and charming scenery make this area interesting for ecotourism, adventuring, and health purposes. Here, you can enjoy:Shady cool plantation
  • Shady cool plantation
  • Areas for rock climbing, jogging, cross country, and camping ground
  • Channel to the crater through the mountain
  • Sulphuric lake down the mountain
  • Volcanology Information Service
  • Entertainment performances on weekends/holidaysLava-Gunung-Kelud

The Gate Tour, Mount Kelud
Theater of Mount Kelud
Rest Area
Flying Fox
pemandian-air-hangat resize
Permandian Air Panas (foto Ahmad Alkarim)
Pesona Gunung Kelud Malam Hari

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